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Rapid Detection of Salmonella typhi by Multiplex PCR of invA, tyv, prt genes and sequense comparison of Iranian Isolates with Gene Bank   Research Article
Relation Between Protamine1/Protamine 2 Ratio with Fertilization and Embryo Quality and Developmental Rate in ICSI and IVF Patients   Research Article
Improvement of the Respiratory System by Long-termLow-dose Erythromycin in Sulfur Mustard Exposed Patients   Research Article
Rapid Detection of Toxigenic Vibrio Cholera O1 Using PCR- Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (PCR-ELISA)   Research Article
Kinetic Properties of Extracted Creatine Kinase from Mouse Embryonic Stem cells-and Neonatal-derived Cardiomyocytes   Research Article
Hemodynamic Effects of Three Doses of Dihydroergotamine During spinal Anesthesia   Research Article
Efficacy of Pedicle Screw Fixation in the Treatment of Spondylolisthesis   Research Article
Effect of Radial Artery Harvest in Coronary Artery By Pass Grafting on Forearm Blood Flow   Research Article
Incidence and Causative Factors of UTI in School–Age Girls   Research Article
Liver Enzyme Levels in Serum of Dyspeptic Patients   Research Article
Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy under Local and Spinal Anesthesia for Chronic Anal Fissure A Comparative Study   Research Article