Trauma Monthly : 2007, Volume 11, Issue 4, Winter Abstracts XML

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The Effects of Topiramate on Morphine Sensitization in Mice   Research Article
Identification of Isolated Candida Species from 150 Clinical Samples with Candida ID Agar and Candida CHROM Agar   Research Article
Comparison of the Virulence of Saprophytic and Pathogenic Isolates of Candida Albicans Using Murine Model of Systemic Candidiasis   Research Article
Comparison of Total and Free Fraction of Phenytoin and Correlation with Albumin Level in Head Trauma Patients   Research Article
A Study of Vaccination Coverage and Immunity to Hepatitis B in Health and Treatment Sector Personnel   Research Article
Effect of Endoscopic Cultures on Treatment of Sinusitis   Research Article
Study of Changes in the Outcome Measures of Osteoarthritis   Research Article
The Comparison of Milad NBC Protective Clothing without Mask and Military Work Clothes on Maximal Oxygen Consumption (Vo2max)   Research Article
Clinical Manifestations of Primary and Metastatic Hepatic Malignancies   Research Article
Prevalence of Term LGA Newborns and Their Complications   Research Article