Trauma Monthly : 2008, Volume 13, Issue 02, Summer Abstracts XML

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Antifungal effects of Allium cepa and some azoles in intact forms and in combinations to each other against pathogenic yeasts   Research Article
mportance of galanin receptors type 2 in inhibitory effects of low frequency stimulations on perforant path kindling acquisition in rats   Research Article
Effect of ascorbic acid supplementation on nitric oxide metabolites and systolic blood pressure in rats exposed to lead   Research Article
Identification of important pathogenic yeast candida species in acute candidiasis using PCR   Research Article
Study the therapeutic effect of Colchicine on delayed pulmonary injury of sulfur mustard in animal model   Research Article
Evaluation of percents of T helper and T cytotoxic in the peripheral blood of chemical injured veterans exposed to Sulfur Mustard and their correlation with pruritus   Research Article
The relationship between paraclinical findings of first febrile seizure and recurrence of seizure   Research Article
Spinal versus epidural anesthesia complications, outcomes and pain relieving capacity   Research Article
Behavioral and Electrophysiologic Findings in Two Young Adults with Auditory Neuropathy   Research Article