Trauma Monthly : 2009, Volume 13, Issue 04, Winter Abstracts XML

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Efficacy of adeli suit therapy in 4-8 year old children with spastic CP with normal intelligence quota   Research Article
Isolation and identification of Malassezia spp. in pityriasis versicolor patients in Kashan   Research Article
N-acetyl cysteine effect on life quality of morphine addicts in treatment period: A pilote study   Research Article
Evaluation of probable interaction of Pralidoxime in cholinesterase activity assay by colorimetric method in human peripheral blood   Research Article
Cancer during pregnancy: Review of 10-year experiences   Research Article
Effect of pretreatment by noradrenaline and role of α1 adrenoceptor and mitochondrial ATP sensitive potassium channel on cardiac enzymes in ischemia/reperfused heart in anesthetized rat   Research Article
Protective role of lithium chloride against induced apoptosis in mesenchymal stem cells derived from rat marrow at the culture   Research Article
Effect of training according to health belief model (HBM) on health believing, knowledge and behavior of patients under CABG   Research Article
Dual effects of topiramate on tolerance to morphine-induced locomotors activity in small laboratory male mice   Research Article
Effects of chronic exercise training and detraining on cutaneous microvascular responses in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats   Research Article