Trauma Monthly : 2010, Volume 15, Issue 2, Summer Abstracts XML

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Comparing of fimH gene variation in normal flora and uropathogenic Escherichia coli   Research Article
Disc diffusion test by scaled Petri dish   Research Article
Effect of Crocus sativus L. marine extract on genotoxicity of Syrian mouse macrophages   Research Article
Effect of muscarinic and NMDA receptors of ventral tegmental area interaction on inhibitory avoidance memory consolidation   Research Article
Heterozygocity loss of TCO gene in Iranian families with heredity non-medullary thyroid carcinoma   Research Article
Measuring the amount of M1 Aflatoxin in pasteurized milks   Research Article
Sensitivity and specificity of ELISA test in diagnosis of brucellosis   Research Article
Effect of age, gender and blood group on blood cancer types   Research Article
Effect of motivational interviewing on blood pressure of referents suffering from hypertension   Research Article