Trauma Monthly : 2010, Volume 15, Issue 3, Autumn Abstracts XML

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Immuno-histochemical evaluation of Glutathione S-transferase in epithelium of human airway   Research Article
Sensitive chemiluminescence method for Superoxide Dismutase activity assay   Research Article
Antinociceptive effect of chronic administration of the anthocyanin cyanidin in diabetic rats: Behavioral evidence   Research Article
Optimization of gene expression and purification of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli recombinant LTB protein and antibody production against it   Research Article
Isolation, determination and cloning of translocation domain of exotoxin A from Pseudomonas aeruginosa   Research Article
Effectiveness of implementation of Orem self-care program on headache indices in Migraineur   Research Article
Accuracy of surgeon performed sonography in blunt abdominal trauma   Research Article
Urine oxygen pressure measurement as an early renal function assessment in patients undergoing open heart surgery   Research Article
Assessment of reasonable use of Ceftriaxone in internal and surgical wards   Research Article
Effect of 4-week compound treatment protocol on chronic tendonitis of shoulder’s rotator cuff muscles   Research Article