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Table of Content   Issue Information
Treatment of Trauma Victims: Consideration of the Whole Perspective   Editorial
Vascular Injuries: Trends in Management   Review Article
Efficacy of a Rapid Response Team on Reducing the Incidence and Mortality of Unexpected Cardiac Arrests   Research Article
Evaluation of Dextrose Water, Black Tea and Orange Juice on Histopathologic Recovery of Surgery-Induced Intestinal Damage in Rabbits   Research Article
Isolated Small Bowel Mesentery Injury After Steering Wheel Trauma   Research Article
Pain and Health-Related Quality of Life in War Veterans with Bilateral Lower Limb Amputations   Research Article
Role of Liberal Primary Fasciotomy in Traumatic Vascular Injury   Research Article
Thoracoscopic Sympathicotomy vs Sympathectomy in Primary Hyperhidrosis   Research Article
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Role of Occupational Factors Among 906 Workers   Research Article
Ibn Sina’s (Avicenna) Contributions in the Treatment of Traumatic Injuries   Brief Report
Deep Femoral Artery Branch Pseudoaneurysm After Orthopedic Procedure Requiring Surgical Treatment: A Case Report   Case Report
Necrotizing Fasciitis of the Upper Extremity, Case Report and Review of the Literature   Case Report