Trauma Monthly : 2014, Volume 19, Issue 03, Aug Abstracts XML

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Table of Content   Introduction
Board and Committees   Introduction
Necessity for a National Trauma Center   Editorial
Considerations Regarding Autologus Blood Injection for Tennis Elbow Tendinopathy   Letter
Efficacy of Prehospital Spine and Limb Immobilization in Multiple Trauma Patients   Research Article
Treatment of Midshaft Clavicular Fractures With Elastic Titanium Nails   Research Article
Experience With Esthetic Reconstruction of Complex Facial Soft Tissue Trauma; Application of the Pulsed Dye Laser   Research Article
Effect of Massage Therapy on Vital Signs and GCS Scores of ICU Patients: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial   Research Article
Sex Differences in the Association Between Testosterone and Violent Behaviors   Research Article
Thoracoabdominal Computed Tomography in Trauma Patients: A Cost-Consequences Analysis   Research Article
Pulmonary Infections in ICU Patients Without Underlying Disease on Ventilators   Research Article
Case Report: A New Surgical Approach to Cervical Hyperlordosis   Case Report
Appreciation to Reviewers   Letter