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Theoretical basis of necessity-based training in trauma   Research Article
Performing necessity-based training scenarios in trauma   Research Article
Characteristics of post-traumatic headaches following mild traumatic brain injury in military personnel   Research Article
Outcomes of patients receiving massive transfusions after trauma   Research Article
An emergency nursing education system for the military based on Benner   Research Article
A framework for health promoting emergency departments   Research Article
Effectiveness of therapy groups using a cognitive behavioral approach to decrease aggressiveness of prisoners with PTSD   Research Article
Trauma and pregnancy: what should we take into consideration?   Research Article
A seven-year study on head injury in infants: the changing pattern   Research Article
Prehospital care and in-hospital mortality of trauma patients in iran   Research Article
Repetitive traumatic brain injury in kashan, iran   Research Article
Spinal injury patterns from car accidents: focus on prevention   Research Article
Nutritional support for trauma patients in intensive care units   Research Article
Spinal cord Injury management: current procedures and the future   Research Article
Cerebral state index versus glasgow coma scale as a predictor for in-hospital mortality in brain-injured ICU patients   Research Article
Agreement of cerebral state index and glasgow coma scale in brain-injured patients   Research Article
Pre-hospital emergency status in Iran with an emphasis on road accidents: a systematic review   Research Article
Long-term clinical outcomes of war-related hip disarticulation and transpelvic amputation   Research Article
Evaluation of disabilities and activities of daily living of war-related bilateral lower extremity amputees   Research Article
Long-term clinical outcomes of Iranian veterans with unilateral transfemoral amputation   Research Article