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Adaptation of Traumatic Brain Injury Guidelines in Iran   Review Article
Pre-Hospital Emergency in Iran: A Systematic Review   Review Article
Comparison of Indirect MR Arthrography With Conventional MRI in the Diagnosis of Knee Pathologies in Patients With Knee Pain   Research Article
Association Between the Pancreatic Enzyme Level and Organ Failure in Trauma Patients   Research Article
Bicycle-Related Injuries Presenting to Tabriz Imam Reza Hospital, Iran   Research Article
Pattern and Trend of Injuries Among Trauma Unit Attendants in Upper Egypt   Research Article
Association Between Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Helmet Use Among Motorcycle Riders   Research Article
Temporary Trans-jejunal Hepatic Duct Stenting in Roux-en-y Hepaticojejunostomy for Reconstruction of Iatrogenic Bile Duct Injuries   Research Article
Distal Radius Radiographic Indices and Perilunate Fracture Dislocation   Research Article
The Impact of Psychological Factors on Device Removal Surgery   Research Article
The Relation Between Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome and Trauma Severity in Patients With Distal Tibia Fracture   Research Article
Surgical Management of Tibial Plateau Fractures With 3.5 mm Simple Plates   Research Article
A Study on Hospital Admissions For Eye Trauma in Kashan, Iran   Research Article
Assessment of Hospital Management and Surge Capacity in Disasters   Research Article
Blood Loss Estimation Using Gauze Visual Analogue   Research Article
Hospital Readmission Through the Emergency Department   Research Article
Facial Nerve Laceration and its Repair   Case Report
Asymptomatic Intracranial Foreign Body: An Incidental Finding on Radiography   Case Report
Lunate Osteochondral Fracture Treated by Excision: A Case Report and Literature Review   Case Report
Fixing a Traumatic Sternal Fracture Using Stainless Steel Wires   Letter